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Shropshire Salumi is a small company based to the north of Shrewsbury producing handmade Salumi the traditional way, priding ourselves on the quality of ingredients, artisan methods and our nose to tail ethos.

All the pork we use is outdoor reared Gloucester Old Spot sourced within 2 miles of the premises, all spices are sourced from ethical suppliers and are of the finest quality and we use traditional casings for our products. 

Our History

Founded by self confessed charcuterie enthusiast and all round 'foodie', Will Macken, Shropshire Salumi began life as a small-time hobby taking place in Will's kitchen in Grafton, Shropshire. Between running his full time job as a conservation consultant and managing his home life invovling three energetic young daughters, Will spent his spare hours preparing and curing meats for himself, family and friends. Following such positive responses from those close to him it was clear that Will's talent for meat curing had more to offer than just a part-time hobby. 

Shropshire Salumi fast evolved from the worktops of Will's kitchen to a sizely custom built curing room that enabled him to supply local farms shops and market stalls around Shropshire such as the Shrewsbury Farmer's Market, Made in Shropshire, Lydham Farmer's Market,  Ludlow Producer's Market, and Oswestery Artisan Market.

As production increased, Will's brother, Finn, joined the team to assist in the curing and sales between his hours as a  full time joiner. Finn shares Will's passion for the charcuterie industry and dedicates any time he has available to help create new and exciting flavours and meet the increasing production requirements.

The business's organic growth has occured at a surprising rate and collaborations with other neighbouring producers are already underway such as Hobsons (, one of Shropshire's established Brewerys based in Cleobury Mortimer, and wine producers, Paso Primero (, based in Shrewsbury. 

With so much exciting produce to offer with new ideas and creations happening all the time, it's definitely worth dropping by one of the market stalls - even if just to try a few samples! We're certain you won't be dissappointed!

Our Produce

All our meats are sourced locally. We never use mass produced meat and take pride in knowing all our pigs are happy pigs!


People don't automatically think of Shropshire when they want good salami, but we aim to change that by producing full flavoured, richly textured salamis and cured meats, created by hand, just how they should be!



Our range on salami includes Classic, Hunter's, Four Peppercorn, Fennel and Chilli & Ale.

Our salamis are hung for 30 days to fully cure to give you the full flavoured, soft bite of an authentic salami.


Our best selling salaminis are a great option for those who want a snacking salami without needing to slice! Cured with our salami flavours, but in a slimmer snacking form. Our convenient salaminis go perfectly with a beer or glass of wine, or as part of a lunchbox or picnic.

Also a great idea if you want to try a variety of Salami flavours, but aren't sure what to go for!

Cured Meats

Our speciality cured meats have gained fantastic local recognition and provide a diverse way to include our delicious cured meats in recipes. Our muscle cures such as Pancetta and Guanciale are rubbed with our unique seasoning mixes and cured for a minimum of 30 days to produce whole cures that can be utilised in a variety of ways including pastas, pizzas or incorporated into a traditional charcuterie platter - anything your heart desires!


Our infusions have proven extremely popular following our collaborations with the fantastic Hobsons and Paso Primero, producers of Shrophire brewed ales and Spanish wine. A generous dose of hoppy pale ale or mellow red wine is added to our recipes to provide some truly unique Shropshire flavours to tantalise the taste buds!

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